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Don't Hide Your Smile – Recreate It!

Do you hide your mouth behind your hand when you speak? Or have you developed a very serious, tight-lipped expression? Life is too short, and you're too amazing to continue this way. You deserve a smile you can be proud of. We use the best combination of preventive care, tooth-colored fillings, and restorative techniques for both optimum dental health and aesthetic appeal. Smile makeovers can be accomplished faster than you think and are extremely affordable! Don't wait any longer to have a smile that makes YOU happy! Stop by our office so we may tell you all the wonderful facts about bonding, whitening, crowns, and veneers.

Making Your Best Smile Look Even Better!Botox Treatment Greensburg PA

A perfect smile is a wonderful gift to give to yourself. But imagine how your new smile could be improved by erasing your facial wrinkles and age lines. In as little as a single visit, we can wipe out lines and wrinkles from around your mouth, erase those annoying crow's feet, and dispatch stress lines on your forehead. We now provide BOTOX™ treatments to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between your eyebrows, on your forehead, and around your eyes. Schedule a free consultation to see if BOTOX is right for you.

Dental Crowns Dentist Greensburg PAA Crown Restores a Damaged Tooth

Crowns are sometimes the only option available to save a broken or worn-down tooth when a basic filling will not return it to full functionality. A crown will not only save but can even add strength to your damaged tooth. We utilize premium quality cutting-edge materials to create your crown. It will appear so natural, you may not be able to distinguish it from your real teeth.

An Affordable Alternative for Multiple Missing Teeth

If you have more than one tooth missing, a bridge may be the right solution for you. Custom created with the same premium quality cutting-edge materials, a bridge is secured on both sides with crowns and removes the gap to return function, comfort, and a full smile to your mouth.

Teeth Whitening – Dazzling Results in Just One Visit!Professional Teeth Whitening Greensburg PA

To get your teeth their whitest, a professionally supervised process is necessary, but the treatment is simpler than most people realize. We can help you achieve dazzling white teeth in less than an hour! Stains and darkness can be a thing of the past with Philips ZOOM!™ and EZ White™. If you prefer, we also offer custom whitening trays, produced in our own lab. After the initial visit, you will receive supplies and instructions and finish this safe and effective procedure at home. Results become visible within 1 - 14 days.

'Smile Makeovers' in as Little as Two Visits!Smile Makeover Dentists Greensburg PA

If you have poorly shaped teeth, ugly wide gaps, or dark discoloration, our porcelain veneers may be your answer to an amazing smile. Veneers are thin, durable sheets of the most state-of-the-art dental ceramic available. They fit over and are bonded to your natural teeth such that your teeth will appear both straight and uniform. Veneers also compensate for chipped, cracked, or worn teeth, and are created to match the color of your surrounding teeth, so they look completely natural.

Dental Implant Restoration for a Perfect Smile

Can you imagine "growing" new teeth? If it were achievable, would you be among the first to put your name on the list for the process? Of course, you would! We can offer you the next best thing – dental implants. You'll appreciate the natural look and how well these implants function. They are the ideal solution for replacing your missing teeth. What makes them appear so much like your original teeth is that they actually come up through your gums. Implants can provide you with the necessary foundation to chew any type of food and give you a great-looking smile. They can replace a single tooth or a group of missing teeth. Even patients with no teeth can benefit, as they can anchor upper and lower dentures and eliminate embarrassing movement when you speak or eat, plus they don't need to be taken out at night. The process starts with an exam, continues with an oral surgeon placing a titanium post, and then Dr. Ray places a custom-created, natural-looking restoration on top. Get the smile you deserve – permanently!

Overdentures – No More Messy Denture Adhesives!Mini Dental Implants for Dentures Greensburg PA

People who have dentures will say that having their teeth slipping, tilting, or sliding while they're eating or talking drives them more than a little bonkers. They use denture adhesive to restrain their teeth from shifting around, but this creates a tremendous frustration for them. Using dental implants as the stabilizer for your dentures will cause your teeth to become "locked" in place so they can't move. Yet they readily snap off for cleaning. Say goodbye to messy creams! Ask us if you are a candidate for overdentures. 

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