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Technology is advancing the boundaries of modern dentistry. Cutting-edge techniques and treatment make your appointments more convenient and comfortable and protect the world around us. The latest advances allow for earlier detection, less-invasive procedures, and outstanding precision during dental treatment, ultimately yielding faster healing.

75% Reduction in Radiation

We've introduced the use of digital X-rays in our practice. With digital X-rays, there is no delay while images are developed. It is cutting-edge technology that reduces radiation emissions by 75% when compared to traditional, non-digital X-rays. We have computers and large monitors in every treatment room so we can review images with you and explain radiographic findings. With panoramic imaging, a digital sensor is placed in your mouth and in a single shot, both upper and lower dental arches and your jaws are captured on screen and ready for viewing. To top it off, no chemicals are required, so digital X-rays are friendly to the environment. 

Intra-Oral Camera Makes You a Part of the TeamIntra Oral Dental Camera Greensburg PA Dentist

Our doctors treasure the bond of teamwork they develop with their patients, because they believe it improves their ability to provide the optimum in dental care. One of the many ways Dr. Ray and Dr. Connor work together with their patients is through the use of the intra-oral camera. This tiny video camera offers a close-up picture of your teeth and displays the image on a screen. When you can see for yourself why certain teeth need help, you can more fully participate in each treatment decision. 

Avoid the Knockout!

Nationwide, about five million teeth are knocked out annually as a result of traumatic mouth injuries. The truth is many common sports activities are dangerous to both teeth and jaws without a proper mouthguard in place. And we all know the one-size-fits-all mouthguards found in stores don't always fit properly. A sloppy fit means it may not give the intended protection and can actually interfere with proper breathing during exertion. On the other hand, a custom-made sport mouthguard fits correctly, protects well, and can be utilized for any sport. The American Dental Association recommends the use of a custom-made mouthguard with most sports activities, ranging from boxing to weight lifting. In fact, a custom mouthguard results in the most protection available for your money. Don't wait – protect your mouth today!

The Laser Scanner Finds Ultrasmall Cavities Years Earlier

Have you ever had a dentist discover a new cavity and place a really big filling, leaving you curious as to why the filling is so large when the cavity wasn't there on your last six-month check-up? Actually, it existed during your previous visit but wasn't yet detectable on X-rays or with a visual inspection. Dr. Ray can use a laser scanner to uncover cavities in their earliest stages, at a time when they can be repaired with only a little filling. You won't ever leave our office wondering if the start of a new cavity has been missed. We can discover cavities and take care of them before they become bigger problems.

Migraine Headache Treatment Greensburg PAHeadache and Migraine Suffers – We May Have Your Miracle Treatment!

The NTI™ device is an FDA-approved, drug-free treatment for the prevention of migraine and tension headaches, and it's now obtainable in our practice. It works by relaxing the muscles beneath your scalp, preventing the majority of your headaches. In clinical trials, 82% of migraine sufferers indicated they'd experienced relief from their headaches, with a 77% reduction in their migraine occurrences. It's painless, fast, and affordable. If you suffer from the misery of migraines or know someone who does, then be sure to inquire about this thrilling treatment.

Nothing beats an easier, more comfortable dental visit. If you have questions about the latest dental technology, give us a call today at (724) 537-0800.

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